Book Review: Comfort Queen’s Guide to Life 0

I love this book. Louden weaves stories about her own life and journey into a book of journal prompts for connecting to Self. She emphasizes “living the questions” over finding the answers. The first prompt I picked from the book was, “What do I really […]

How to Defuse a Trigger 0

To actively defuse a trigger (instead of just letting it wear itself out), you must stay aware during the process that you ARE triggered. You have to have a thread of awareness that stays with you throughout the triggered state, so you can give yourself […]

Cultivate Neutrality in the Face of Triggers 2

We all have triggers: situations that bring up old feelings that are out of proportion to the current experience. There are two ways to deal with triggers–go into them more deeply, and let a “healing crisis” occur (a cathartic release of the pent-up feelings). This […]

Non-Sucky Affirmations 2

Affirmations get a bad rap. The phrase “putting lipstick on a pig” sums up the most frequent criticisms. I see affirmations as a tool—they can be used effectively, or not. I have used them and they’ve helped me to rewire certain thought patterns, so I […]

Releasing Resentment 0

This hails originally from AA, and was taught to me by my friend Sarah Dopp. Who am I resentful toward and why? What does this affect in my life? Am I willing to show this person the same tolerance, compassion, and patience that I’d give […]