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Self-Liberation Coaching

Want support with your healing & growth journey?

I provide a space of curiosity and gentle empowerment where you can explore and understand your inner world, unravel resistance, and reclaim your innate wholeness, freedom, and joy.

I’m not here to fix you; I’m here to help you discover who you are and what you need to be free.

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What is Self-Liberation Coaching?
What you could use these sessions for
What I bring to the conversation
The maps and tools I use
My training & background
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What is Self-Liberation Coaching?

Self-liberation is the work of freeing yourself from whatever is holding you back from living your best life. That could mean trauma patterns, limiting beliefs, toxic shame—or maybe you don’t even know what it is yet, it’s just there, like an invisible wall that you can’t get through.

In our conversations, you can bring whatever is true for you and we will explore it together in an atmosphere of curiosity and care. By bringing mindfulness, awareness, and love to your inner world, we can unravel its mysteries together, and support you to find strategies to increase your freedom and joy.

The biggest differentiator in my approach is that it’s based in nonviolence.

Have you ever noticed that directly trying to change something in yourself provokes a kind of internal backlash? And then you get in a war with yourself?

This is because our resistance and defenses exist for a reason, and they need to be understood and supported in order to let go and cooperate with our goals. They also have valuable information to share about needs they are protecting that you may be ignoring or judging.

I’m not here to shame the parts of you that are scared, overwhelmed, or in resistance.

These parts need love, compassion, listening, understanding, and safety.

I know that you can untangle the confusing ball of desires and fears inside you, and find your way to authentic freedom and happiness. And I also know you can’t get to wholeness through self-violence. I teach and model inner nonviolence and self-support as a route to wholeness, healing, and radical joy.

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What you could use these sessions for

Checking in, decompressing, being deeply heard and mirrored.

Shifting from a reactive survival mode to a state of self-regulation and peace requires a safe space where you are heard, witnessed, and held without having to perform or impress anyone. In our session, I will be looking for how I can support you to experience and operate from a place of genuine, abiding connection with your deepest self.

Sometimes we can’t see ourselves until someone else sees us. Mirroring is a powerful practice of deep listening and reflecting back what I hear, so you can see the beauty and resilience that I see in you.

I want the person you are right in this moment to know that it’s OK to be exactly where you are at, with everything you are struggling with. It’s OK to struggle. I know you don’t want to stop there. I know you are striving with everything you are to find your way through it. And I know sometimes you just need to unload the burden and let your pain breathe.

Finding your map out of the wilderness.

We will explore your currently inner reality together, and find answers to the question of, “Why am I like this?”. I will draw on all of the various maps I’ve learned from and hold them up to your situation to we will see what fits. Trauma, attachment, codependence, and neurodivergence are the “big picture” maps I use for this.

This is not a psychological diagnosis; it’s just me helping you figure out what direction it would be fruitful to move in, which may include you deciding to work with a therapeutic professional.

Sometimes someone else’s map just doesn’t fit, and you need to work out your own. We will look for signposts from your present and past that show in what direction your freedom lies, and work out what would support you to move in that direction.

Skill building and practice.

I firmly believe happiness rests on a set of skills that you can learn. We can talk about any or all of these:

  • Learning and practicing self-compassion. This involves unlearning self-loathing, self-rejection, and toxic shame and becoming your own best friend and a fierce ally for your wounded child parts.
  • Mindfulness skills. Learn practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life for better emotional regulation, self-awareness, and change without force.
  • Learning NVC at a deeper level. Beyond the basic communication model, Nonviolent Communication offers a journey of deep transformation where you learn to see yourself and others differently, and operate from trusting in connection and relationship rather than your survival strategies. I would love to help you integrate this deeper level of understanding and trust.
  • Emotional state management. Learn and practice state-shifting techniques to self-generate joy and happiness, without falling into the trap of suppressing negative emotions.
  • Core belief transformation. Work on identifying and replacing limiting core beliefs with empowering ones. I can offer reframes and working-with-the-inner-critic skills that can help you see yourself as a work in progress who is inherently awesome, rather than a broken pile of garbage who nobody will ever love. (Yes, I’ve been there.)
  • Practical self-validation. Acquire and practice skills for self-validation to build your emotional resilience and stability.
  • Attachment patterns. Identify triggers and patterns that disrupt your relationships, and chart a roadmap toward becoming secure.
  • Fantasy and delusion. Explore your rescue fantasies, limerence, or any form of self-delusion in a non-shaming environment, and learn to hold them with neutrality.
  • Resource recommendations. Get personalized advice on books, courses, and YouTube channels that will help you take the next steps on your self-healing journey.
It’s your session.

You can show up with lots of preparation and know exactly what you want to talk about, or you can show up flustered and overwhelmed and have no idea what to say. Either way, I’ll meet you where you are at, and we can go forward from there.

You don’t need to be in a certain place or be a certain way to have a healing conversation with me. I think we often put far too many barriers on ourselves around seeking help, because we’ve had to perform to be believed, or justify our pain for it to be seen as valid. There are no hoops to jump through here. There is no right way to be struggling. You don’t have to be struggling at all. Maybe you just want to talk about your journey with a fellow traveller. Whatever drew you to this page, we can start there.

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What I bring to the conversation

  • Multi-faceted healing approach. I have studied and integrated a wide range of healing & growth modalities in my pursuit of finding what works to transform pain and expand my capacity for joy.
  • Beyond conventional wisdom. I’ve always charted my own path and done what works for me. I believe in and respect science, but there’s a lot science has yet to figure out about the subjective experience of being stuck. So I have gathered lots of maps (see below) that helped me chart my own course out of my own painful wilderness into clarity, emotional stability, and enduring happiness.
  • Deep personal experience. I have worked my way through toxic shame, depression, CPTSD, fearful-avoidant attachment, and am now working my way through de-internalizing ableism around my neurodivergence. I also have a long history of trying to figure out messy relationships (as many of us with insecure attachment do). If you are going through any of these things, it helps to talk to someone who has been there.
  • Practical guidance. I can give you actionable tips for wherever you are at to help you take the next right step for you. My advice draws on the breadth of my experience and training and is tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.
  • Honesty and authenticity. I am always upfront about what I do and don’t know, and what I can and can’t help with. I’ll never tell you that healing is easy. It’s not. But it’s do-able.
  • Spirituality, if you want it (or not). I have always found my own path in this area too, and I love to support people to explore their spiritual curiosity on their own terms and find entry points that resonate with them, whether they involve an existing tradition or forging their own. Spirituality is deeply personal, and whether it’s part of our conversations is entirely up to you.

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The maps & tools I use

Hakomi (a nonviolent, mindfulness-based therapy method), NVC, parts work, CPTSD/trauma, adult attachment theory, mindfulness, life coaching, neurodivergence (I am ADHD), brain rewiring, state shifting, self-validation, creativity as a healing practice.

I also come broadly from a liberation framework, meaning I see a lot of the psychological problems we suffer from as the result of living in an oppressive and traumatizing society and culture. That means I always have an eye towards how we have internalized an unhealthy relationship with ourselves, that we can reject on the grounds that we did not consent to it. I also believe it is essential to find and create a personal and interpersonal environment that resists this cultural influence. This also means unlearning the self-reliance that many of us developed to survive our family of origin (this is delicate work!).

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My training & background

My background is eclectic. I’ve completed professional trainings in Hakomi therapy (two years, equivalent to post-graduate work), Erickson Coaching, Presence-Based Coaching, and Matrix Leadership. I have also studied and taught Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for about 20 years.

While I’ve taken a lot of trainings (and a lot of other random workshops about personal growth topics), I think the core value I offer comes from my self-taught, self-led, self-discovered inner liberation, and the fact that I’ve integrated all these maps into my own experience.

For more on my background, please see my about page.

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What this is not

  • This is not therapy. I’m not licensed as a therapist, and what I offer is more of an informal, peer-to-peer conversational environment where each of us is on equal footing.
  • This is a no-guru zone. Think of me as a fellow traveller sharing my wisdom, and helping you find your own.
  • Accountability isn’t my focus. There is always a built-in level of accountability when working with someone else, but I’m not going to “hold you accountable” in the traditional sense.
  • No magic wands here. The nature of healing is unpredictable and complex. While I’ll do my best to assist you, I can’t guarantee specific results or quick fixes.
  • I’m not a certified coach. I’m not operating within any kind of licensed or certified framework. If that is important to you, we may not be a good fit to work together.

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Pricing & scheduling

This is a new offering for me, so pricing and format may change in the future.

1 hour on Zoom for $120

[Schedule & pay here] [Fill out this intake form.]

Questions? Use my contact form or send me a message on Instagram.

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