Do you want a community of trauma-informed personal growth peeps?

This is a new idea I am working on, so this is a page to explain it and gather interest.

I want to create a community space where people with CPTSD and attachment trauma can get together and help each other learn and grow, because community is essential to fully healing these things.

We need to be around healthy people who are committed to doing their work. It’s not enough to learn all the things–we also need to re-pattern our nervous system on healthy models of inter-relating.

You can do some of that work in therapy, but for me, small groups and peer relationships were where my nervous system really started to finally relax. It’s where I learned I could be a human being among other humans, to not be perfect, to show up and contribute and be seen.

I want to create that kind of environment for other people, especially for people who feel like misfits or weirdos and who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere, but who are dedicated to their own growth and healing and actively seeking to live their best life, however unconventional that is.

In school, I was the nerdy kid who didn’t have a lot of friends, and in life, I just haven’t taken the normal path in any way whatsoever, but there are lots of us out there. I envision this as a place where we can support each other, collaborate, grow together, and be our awesome authentic selves together. I’m very much inspired by the article Of Pods, Squads, Crews & Gangs: Small Group Experiments In Radical Belonging in how I envision the benefits of coming together in the spirit of growth and friendship.

So, if this sounds like something you are looking for, please let me know by giving your email here, and I’ll let you know as things progress. (This is a dedicated list and doesn’t subscribe you to anything else, and your info will not be sold or shared anywhere):

Community Interest

Note: I already am sure it will not be on Facebook, so if you are worried about that, don’t be. I don’t like their user experience, among other things. I would most likely use Discourse (not Discord) as its the most user-friendly community platform I have found, but please feel free to suggest your favorite if you have found one you like better.