Hakomi & R-CS

My favorite therapy modality.

Hakomi is a form of body-centered mindfulness-based psychotherapy developed in the 1970′s and refined over the last 40 years. It’s the most effective form of therapy I’ve found. My training has been through the META training center.

R-CS (Re-Creation of the Self) is an extension of Hakomi developed by Jon Eisman. Matrix also has roots in Hakomi.

Hakomi Principles

Mindfulness is deceptively simple but powerfully effective tool for transformation. Simply by observing what is, with no effort to change it, we can understand what was previously unconscious. This process by itself is transformative as nothing that is brought to consciousness and witnessed will stay the same.

Resistance to change is a natural part of our system, and it has a purpose and a wisdom to it. To fight it is futile and violent to ourselves. Through mindfulness and curiosity we can come to understand our defenses, which transforms our relationship to them. In this space of respect and self-trust, inner conflict can mend.

Mind-body integration
A wound that seems to be mental and emotional can have aspects that need to be addressed on the physical or energetic level, or on the spiritual level.

Unity (Interdependence)
None of us can live alone. We are part of a vast array of interpersonal systems, and we ourselves consist of many systems that work together to make up our living organism. All of these systems affect and influence each other, and are interdependent on one another.

Our body-mind system is self-correcting and has an innate capacity and desire to heal. We do not need to change ourselves in some fundamental way. Transformative healing is not a process of becoming different than we are, but rather a process of becoming more fully and freely ourselves.

The R-CS Model

RC-S proposes that we are constantly shifting between self-states. Our original, undiluted Self is the Organic Self, which is curious, open, expansive, empowered, and whole. Through early childhood woundings, we start to fragment into smaller/limited self-states. Each state holds a specific perspective and set of beliefs about what is true.

RC-S holds that we do not necessarily need to uncover and process each wound; we can learn instead to shift our state of consciousness from a wounded-reality to an expansive-reality. These are both simply neural pathways, and the more we inhabit our Organic Self, the easier it will be for those neurons to fire again in the future. We can create the habit of being our most empowered self.

This is not the same as suppressing, avoiding, pretending, or denying what was or what is. Instead, it is noticing our ability to shift states, finding those we prefer, and practicing inhabiting them.

You can try this right now. Think back on a time when you felt really wonderful. Maybe it is a memory of being with someone you love, a special day, or some time when you felt very connected to yourself or the world. Now immerse yourself in that experience. Really feel it, from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Hang out there for awhile. Really taste it.

You’ve just activated a neural pattern that wasn’t active before. That pattern is now affecting your experience of reality and of yourself.

Notice your preference. Do you like this state?

Now feel into who you are right now. Who do you hold yourself to be? What is possible? If you track carefully you’ll notice your perception of yourself has changed, as well as your perception of the world.

Most importantly, all you had to do to get here was decide to try it. It is a choice you can make at any time…you don’t have to wait until you are fixed, cured, healed, or enlightened to inhabit a preferred state.