What is the overlap between insecure attachment and CPTSD?

Some Q&A are modified versions of my responses from other sites/forums.

In my opinion, any child who isn’t able to turn to their parent for soothing is going to develop CPTSD on some level, because that is a chronically stressful situation. So I think the Dismissive-Avoidant and Fearful-Avoidant styles are very likely to also have CPTSD. Anxious-Preoccupied maybe as well, depending on the individual, but AP generally did get some co-regulation with their caregiver, and trusted them.

Think about how helpless babies are, and how easily they go into distress. If a parent isn’t there, attuned to them, they will very easily become dysregulated because they aren’t old enough to regulate their own nervous system. So even though DA may look self-sufficient, that anxiety is all there under the surface.

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