Hello, world!
I haven’t updated this blog since 2018.
I want to write again.
Let’s do this.

Content going forward will be focused on:

  • personal growth
  • life optimization
  • spiritual / woo
  • whatever is fascinating me

How much will I talk about prison? Some, probably. I haven’t decided. My heart is in the above topics, but I also know a lot more about prison now than almost everyone I meet, and it’s hard not to end up as an advocate in some way, even if it’s not my goal.

I’m currently in a period of transition and growth and so things are changing and this may change as well.

Some things I’m into right now:

  • I’m an ENFP! WOOT! Really enjoying Heidi Prebe’s stuff, for example The ENFP’s Brain in Quarantine. She does skits where she acts out all of the cognitive functions.
  • Attachment. I think I’m Fearful-Avoidant, not Anxious-Preoccupied. The Personal Development School is a phenomenal resource.
  • Working on emotional regulation, self-care. Not staying up till 4am, etc.
  • Want to travel…not sure what that will look like. It is looking more and more likely that America could just be unsalvageable and having a backup country seems like a good idea. Uruguay maybe?
  • Liking Hungryroot as a dead-simple mealkit service, trying to supplement my diet of ice cream and jelly beans with some vegetables. ☺️
  • Roam Research. OMG. A note-taking app that works like my mind does. It’s phenomenal! It has a networked structure that you create yourself. I’m using it like an external brain. One of my favorite things is the Daily Note which lets you track yourself through time, creating a collaborative relationship between your past and future self. It’s like mindfulness on steroids.
  • Conscious Growth Club. is. awesome. Smart people from all over the world who are into personal growth and subjective reality.
  • Self-acceptance and healing my fear of people. I’ve always struggled with being “different” and a general fear of putting myself out there. I tend to anticipate rejection and ridicule. I’d like to transform that into expecting positive interactions, good connections, creative co-inspiration, and maybe even some of that elusive purpose and meaning stuff.

My goal for this blog is to just write.

Almost all the writing I’ve done in the past 8 years has been in the form of comments. I’ve saved most of them, so I could use them as post ideas, and I have hundreds. But…I’ll probably end up ignoring them and writing about new stuff. We’ll see.

The point is, I want to write! Maybe I even need to write. And I am going to just jump in and start and not worry about where it is all going, cause that doesn’t help me at all. Less friction, less overwhelm, more hitting the Publish button.

I made a new design for the site and I rewrote my About page. That’s it for today!


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