wake up happy, change the world

Welcome! I'm Emma. I live in Portland, OR and I’m a web developer, writer, spiritual warrior, and self-help geek.

How do we heal the world?

We cannot be whole as a species and a planet until we can own the disowned parts of ourselves and our society. We are all part of the human family—including people who are seen as deviant, "weird", or bad. I believe the light shines for us all, and it is our duty to work toward a world where everyone is loved, accepted, and supported to be happy and free, no matter what.

Steps on this path include pursuing individual healing, practicing non-violence and empathy, owning privilege, learning from differences, and re-imagining the Divine.


Living on a Prayer

Surrender means accepting any outcome. With gratitude. I know this. I'm just not quite there yet...My resistance always coalesces into the same question: "Why does life have to be so painful?".

Losing My Faith

When you have an experience in life that strips away everything you thought you knew, and everything you thought was real, that is when you find what is actually real and cannot be taken from you.