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I write about the art of self-liberation: do-it-yourself healing and personal growth. I seek unbridled joy and unconditional happiness. These are notes and tips from my journey.
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Hi, Iā€™m Emma. I am always seeking the real deal—truth, depth, and authenticity. I seek the Light while embracing the shadow for what it can teach us. I hope I can inspire you to align with your truth and live your joy, without apology.

Principles of Self-liberation

A set of psycho-spiritual guidelines for healing your past and recovering your personal power & joy.
  1. Love yourself fiercely. Develop a relationship with yourself based on genuine love and support rather than fear, criticism, and forcing yourself to do things. Be your own best friend. Inner peace comes when you end the inner war.
  2. Learn how brains work. Brains become conditioned and can be reconditioned (changed). See your thoughts with neutrality and your feelings with detached compassion. Don't believe everything you feel, but honor the part that feels it. Don't take your mind too seriously, because when you do, it makes it harder to change it.
  3. Hold beliefs lightly. Both beliefs about yourself, and about the world. Have "best guesses" and "working theories", not beliefs. Nobody really knows what is going on here, and the more humility you can bring to everything, the easier it is to be flexible, adapt, grow, learn, and enjoy life.
  4. Practice radical forgiveness. Everything you have done was your best guess at how to meet your needs at the time, given your subjective context. The same is true of everyone else. You have no idea what anyone else is living with inside their own minds, and they don't know what you're living with. So just walk your own path in peace.

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June 1, 2021

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May 30, 2021

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