Book Review: SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life

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Like her earlier book Organizing from the Inside Out, Julie Morgenstern takes an inner approach to working with clutter. Instead of  tough-love and admonitions that “less is more”, she offers a rational approach that takes into account both our emotional attachment to the past and the potential for our things to support us to create a better future.

She distinguishes between organizing, which is making what you want in your life more accessible, and SHEDing which is evaluating if the stuff in your life is right for your life, whether it is organized or not. So if you have a perfectly organized closet but it’s full of clothes that don’t fit you, you don’t need more organization, you need to SHED.

Julie emphasizes that we don’t let go of the old until we have something new to grasp onto. The key to moving through our stuff and our lives is to be able to recognize the new thing we are moving toward and support ourselves in the transition. By orienting to a theme for our present and future life, it becomes easier to release what is old and no longer serves.

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