Breaking the Spell

Heads up! This post is 11 years old. In 2021, I restarted my blog after many years of not writing regularly. See the the new stuff!

“As all the tales teach us, It’s only once a spell has been broken that its influence is truly visible” – Jessica Montgomery, in a META newsletter

This speaks to me of the importance of groups, and other people in general–people who can see our true selves and what is possible for us, and break the spells we hold ourselves in.

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Hi there! Iโ€™m Emma. My purpose on this website is to help people recovering from less-than-ideal childhoods to heal and live their best life, whatever that looks like.

Iโ€™m not a therapist or a guru, just a fellow seeker who has been there, healed that, and wants to share. I firmly believe we can all heal, and its often a winding road to get there. The more we share what works and help each other, the more we can all benefit.

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