Distributing Shock

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Shock is defined as experiencing something that overwhelms your ability to cope (from We Are All in Shock). It is more global and severe than trauma. In trauma, you mobilize some kind of response; with shock, you are overwhelmed. If not addressed this lodges in the nervous system and causes systemic issues.

In Matrix, once the work of creating the pathways between people has progressed sufficiently, it is possible to distribute strong emotions like grief and the effects of trauma. These energies travel down the energetic pathways between people, de-amplifying the effect on any one individual.

There are many experiences that overwhelm an isolated individual. In a connected culture, the mechanism of distribution reduces the chances that individuals experience shock in the first place.

I experienced this recently with the severe interpersonal shock of someone very close to me suddenly leaving. It felt like I was plunged underwater into a sea of emotions. But I had two close friends who both work with energy that I could turn to for help (distributing to other people), as well as a powerful water ritual (distributing to Source/guides/nature) just a few days later. While I remember the event as being painful, the actual pain is no longer with me, because I processed it at the time. But it wasn’t just an internal processing…it was processed through my connections.

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