Sensing the Energy of Interconnection

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This post is a pointer to a lot of question marks.

I experience the ability to sense the larger patterns in reality, time being one of them. It’s not quite the sense of being ‘psychic’ as I understand it–I am not channeling anything. Rather it’s a felt sense of the underlying fabric of reality.

The closest I’ve come to seeing it described is in a handout I received at a Naka Ima workshop several years ago titled, “Spectrum of Consciousness”. A Google search of the content turned up this handout which is the same content but formatted differently. Neither have a source attribution and they don’t seem to be related to the Ken Wilber book of the same name.

In this handout, there is a definition of “Mythic Consciousness”:

Mythic Consciousness: Able to perceive the underlying fabric of events, the contextual reality which underlies what is apparent . Pattern recognition. “How does this weave into the warp which makes up my life?” Awareness of one’s ‘soul’ and of the ‘collective soul’. Recognition that the events of ones life are part of a larger story which includes everything that has occurred. Transmutation of the past through unraveling. The unseen is more real than the seen. Capacity to know the whole story of the unfoldment of this universe as a living reality in one’s own body. Permeable to atmospheric data. Acceptance of lightness and darkness within and outside of oneself. Beyond ethics. Choices and agreements are in tune with an inner calling. I am everything.

When I first read this I was stunned. This is what I had been experiencing for several years, and had no name for.

Another description I have come across is what Robert Johnson calls the “slender threads”.

Whether called faith, destiny, or the hand of God, slender threads are at work bringing coherence and continuity to our lives. Over time they weave a remarkable tapestry.

I think of this also as the Tao. It is the underlying harmony of the Universe.

On the same handout is the definition for “Related Consciousness”:

Related Consciousness: Willing to embrace unity with others; awareness of the arising together of all things. “How am I connected to this other (whether animal mineral or vegetable)? Opening to the universe of true love. Recognition of ‘a truth’ as a guiding principle in human events. Transcendence of the past through love. Desire for union. Sensing another’s essence. Reading another’s emotions, thoughts, pathways. Deep caring for that which is outside of oneself. Recognition that contributing to another is the same as giving to oneself. Choices and agreements take into account the needs of another. You and I are one.

This describes my experience of the consciousness of Matrix perfectly.

But these feel very related. My ability to perceive the underlying fabric of events feels like it uses the same sensory organ (if you will) as perceiving the interconnectedness of all beings.

And yet, Matrix did un-block some channel to this “relatedness” sense. Before the weekend, I experiencing being connected to every thing, but not every one. After the weekend, people are included in that web of interconnected everything that I can sense.

My biggest question marks so far are:

  • how are these things different?
  • what am I actually sensing, and how? (I’m looking at you, limbic brain)
  • who else has named this experience?

One of my other question marks was actually answered at Matrix. It was, “how do you teach this ability to sense?”. I wasn’t sure what caused me to have it, so I had no idea if it could be taught. But one of the exercises in Matrix was to sense and describe the connection between you and someone else. You had a conversation, and then named the impact on you, and then the impact on the connection itself. If you conceptualized the connection as a pipe, did it get bigger? Smaller? Warmer, cooler?

This feels like exercising this sensory organ, the part of us that can perceive subtle energy.

I’m thinking it is something you can tune or develop, like you would train your musical or aesthetic sense. Although some people are born with a head-start, like perfect pitch or an artistic gift.

There is a lot of information about “energy work”, but so far what I’ve found is mostly describing the energy system of an individual body. I’m on the lookout for work describing the energetics of interconnection, and of larger groups and systems.

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